High Fashion Heels for Women

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Heels, Heels, Heels and more Heels. Feel like a DIVA in any of our fashionable heels. From elegant soiree to partying at a nightclub, you know when you wear one of our heels, you are in for a treat. Watch as other view you with envy as you stride in with our High Fashion Heels for Women! Let your inner DIVA shine.

High Fashion Heels for Women

If your guess of a woman’s best friend is her heels, then you’re absolutely right. Every woman knows that the right kinds of heels serve as a mood and confidence booster. It elevates your look regardless of the outfit.

As women, when it comes to fashion, we love our access to options. With the several brands and types of heels, a glance at these broad shopping aisles or our long list of available heels can be a little confusing.

Whether you need heels that elevate your off-duty denim, take office tailoring to the next level, or aiming for a stylish evening look, your best move is to be familiar with the different types of heels. You will want to know how to differentiate between elegant pumps, stylish boots, or extravagant stilettos.

Types of Heels

Most of us are probably only familiar with two of three different types of heels. However, there is much more. Some types might have crossed your paths several times. Let’s get you a head start on the most common types of heels that can get your fashion up to speed.

Block heel

Block heel is a must-try solid heel with a simple look. Most people might recognize this type of heel as not super stylish, but they are one of the most comfortable ones. Compared to the thinner heels, the block heels’ buildup tends to distribute the body’s weight differently and takes the pressure off the foot’s front.

Cone heel

As the name describes, the cone heel provides a secure stand with a thick, sturdy base. The narrow and delicate tip that comes in various heights proves this style as timeless and versatile.

Wedge heels

High-heeled shoes give a fashionable look, but they are not always comfortable. But as far as comfortable heels go, wedge heels champions this category. It is one of the top women's high heel wide width shoes with distributed soles for a pleasant walking experience.

Stilettos heels

There’s no substitute for the stiletto heels in the sophisticated shoe department. However, if you’re an inexperienced walker in high heels, you may want to instead go for the block or cone because the heels on these babies are ultra-slim with heights of three to four inches.

Platform heels

One feature that distinguishes the platform heels from others is the additional plateau in front of the shoe. It’s one of the high fashion heels for women you will easily see on the runways, and it comes in various heel heights. Platform heels are also very comfortable and suitable for off the clock occasions like night-outs and get-togethers with friends.

Slingback heels

The slingback heels look thoroughly modern with a thin strap around the heels to secure the foot in the shoe. This type makes your legs look elongated slimmer.


Pumps are a must-have for every girl. It’s classy, timeless, and can become your go-to all-rounder. For footwear that will put your best foot forward, the pumps are perfect. If you want, you can go for the black or nude pumps; these pairs might just be the right shoes for your weekly nine-to-five.

Heeled boots

For the colder days, the heel boots preserve your fashion integrity and keep you warm and dry. It can easily be combined with a cocktail dress or pair of jeans for social engagements. Go for taller heels if you want your outfit to be dressed up, and smaller heels for the opposite. 

Extremely high heels

There are very high heels that can get up to eight inches or more. Safe to say, the sky is the limit for these. These high heels are well-designed and expertly constructed to feature a platform in front and a cushioned sole to avoid overstretching the foot and granting a comfortable walking experience.

Slim heels

If you want to look sexy in an outfit, then you should go for the slim heels. They look thin and tall to extend the visual length of your legs and add some spring to your steps for a special night in town or a dressy occasion.

Decorative heel

These pairs seem to be the product of shoe designers that let their imagination run wild. It is incredibly eye-catching and here to make a statement. Every woman will love this pretty high fashion heel for every day of the week.

Square heel

Square women's high heel wide width shoes that look like the classy combination of block heels and pumps. It has a thick and rectangular-shaped sole like the block heel and the pumps’ pointy pair to look extra chic.

Spool heel

The name comes from the hourglass shape sole that resembles the spool of an old spinning machine. The origin is from Europe’s Baroque and Rococo periods.

Flare heel

Flare heels have an excellent appearance of the 70’s favorites. Fashionistas know that older styles are today’s vintages. It’s characterized by a slim base at the top of the sole that gradually widens towards the bottom.

What are the Most Suitable High Fashion Heels for Women?

OK! We just have to accept that the high fashion heels for women are excellent. Even though they come in various unique styles and are versatile, but one question remains unanswered – which ones are best for you?

The truth is feet are different. A heel might look good on a person and not another. The fashionable heel’s main idea is to look good, confident, and feel comfortable in your shoes regardless of the style.

It will be unfair if wearing one of the best high fashion heels for women to look stylish makes you hobble around in pain after a few hours. Even though some shoe styles are more supportive than others, comfortability is another priority aside from looks that you have to consider when finding your perfect pair.

Whether you prefer the pointy toes, block heels, timeless mules, or the needle-thing stilettos, the right heels are comfortable regardless of the height. If you plan to wear yours for a more extended period and you don’t plan to throw some walking shoes or fail-safe flats in your bags, then you have to go for the comfortable ones.

Fortunately, several designers of today try to stay a step ahead of the game with women's high heel wide width shoes that are more than just comfortable heels available in almost any style and color, but they also match any occasion.