New Trends for Women's Fashion Shoe Styles

New Trends for Women's Fashion Style

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Trending Women's Fashion Style


Straight leg boots / Square toe boots / Industrial / Combat boots / Contrast toe boots

Any fashionista knows that when shopping for boots, it is necessary to make sure you have the staples covered. Cute black suede booties, trendy brown leather riding boots, and of course a festive sparkly pair that will only get worn on New Year’s Eve or to a festival. Once the basics are covered, the fun begins seeking to find the perfect pair for brunch with the girls or for bar-hopping downtown. Whatever the new trends for women’s fashion, it is a must to make sure to have all the looks. This year's fashion trends are starting off bold this winter with knee-high straight leg boots. More boot trends this year include a western look and a return to the industrial ’90s. Think thick chunky soles, with tough leather uppers. This works for military-style combat boots, Chelsea boots, and more. The best part about this shoe style is that it always looks great with a floral dress, and a not-so-subtle reminder that we all miss this cool comfortable festival style.

Here are more about the fun styles for this year:


Add trendy touches to your winter outfit this season with cute kitten heel boots or booties. This classic women’s fashion trend looks excellent for 2021 when paired with jeans and a city coat or with a floral midi skirt. These boots are always in fashion and an essential for every woman’s wardrobe. Dial-up this look with a pop of pastel color shades to make them stand out from this season's hot white color trend.


We know it’s no fun to wear shoes or boots so tight you can’t walk. Well not to worry because in 2021 we say goodbye to super tight footwear, and we say hello to comfy straight-leg boots. This trend is so glamorous looking with long and flowing dresses, and a great way to keep warm when the temperature drops. When the weather warms up, opt for a short skirt and a long jacket, for all-day style.


Fashion today is embracing more 90’s throwbacks. You will be rocking out in jeans and coat or the hyper girly sundress, and all styled with badass combat boots. Whether you are in the city all day, working from the café on your way to meet clients, or hanging for brunch, you will quickly wonder why these super comfy street kickers ever left your daily lineup of footwear.


Clogs / Platform sandals / Throwbacks / Fancy flip flops


So many of the top fashion houses included classic clogs in their spring 2021 collections that we certainly took notice of this as a new women’s fashion style for 2021. And we couldn’t be happier about it. Clogs are so comfortable and easy to slip on and off. And with so many varieties and options, clogs can look professional, sophisticated, classy, and couldn't be easier to slip on for an immediately sharp look.


This year's style trend is the best of both worlds for women looking for a little extra height in their footwear choices while not sacrificing that ideal comfort. Many recent runways have been graced with fun and funky platform sandals for their Spring previews. With a stable flat sole, and lots of fun happening in terms of unexpected colors, textures, and even more cushioning, the platform sandal trend for 2021 is turning out to be the perfect quarantine shoe.


The 90’s style reruns are not going anywhere for 2021, so there is still time to get digging in your high school closet for this season’s most fun comebacks. We love the return of combat boots, and really love the old velcro sandals similar to the Tevas you wore as a kid. This trend has been appearing in some of the top designer’s spring preview shows, but with fun modern updates. Less bedazzled and more like platforms, ribbons, or animal print.


Baby heels / Shoe chains / Fashion Heels / Strappy Heels


Our favorite 2021 trends in women’s heels are the sweet and feminine look of baby heels. Spotted many times on the catwalks this season, soft simple colors like lavender or pastel are fun, colorful, all while looking sleek and simple.


What are shoe chains? Basically, think jewelry for your shoes. Most of the trends for 2021 are a chunky and flashy chain that you would typically see around a neck, have made their way down to the ankle. The nice part of this fashion is it can actually be made to look just as grunge as it can look glam. Typically, they are set to contrast a pair of delicate pumps or flats but have been seen across the scene on just about anything needing a splash of detail. It’s safe to say that chained footwear is 2021 must-have.


This trend follows the show chain above, by adding more presence and flash to a typical pair of heels. Whether they’re gold, silver, or crystal, you can’t go wrong with a bold shoe that makes a statement. Most often we see a plain design with a decorative element so that it doesn’t come across as over the top. If you’re ready to go all out, pick a designer shoe or choose something with a detail wrapped around the back of the heel.


This is probably our favorite trend for 2021 and is a sure hit for the Wild Divas out there. Strappy heels are not a new footwear trend, but 2021 is seeing the current trend creep up into new territory with extra, sometimes super-extra high strapping. Much more intricate strapping, wrapping strapping, and all the way above the ankle to the mid-calf. This almost takes on a bit of throwback to the earlier trend of the 2000’s gladiator look. The best part is you can personalize them to fit your look of the day by lacing them up to your calf or keeping the lace-up action closer to your ankle! Pro-Tip: Make sure your extra strappy heels match your skin tone so that your legs look sexy long!