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Women's New Fashion Flat Sandals

The world of fashion is ever-changing, with multiple designs coming into the center stage every day. Fashion designers work tirelessly to ensure they keep up with the industry's competition, and that's what provides room for growth. Flat sandals for women are gaining a lot of popularity, and there is a lot into these shoes that probably what you know. So let's dig into the details.


You might be asking yourself what you’ll wear on a bright day in summer when you’re having difficulty choosing an outfit. It’s the season to put on those shorts, t-shirts, vests, and every other outfit that you would typically pass in your wardrobe most times of the year. Flat sandals for women is the solution many would go for, considering they are simple to put on and can fit in most outfits. However, would you go ahead and buy any new fashion flat sandals? What flat sandals would work for you? Read on to find out.


Different Types of Flat Sandals

The question in many people's minds is what you would shop for when headed out to look for flat sandals. There are several things that you should consider before making that decision because they will affect your choices. Below are the occasions where you would probably wear flat sandals;

  • Weddings – When asked to attend a wedding, especially an outdoor one with a garden vibe or an indoor one that does not restrict the dressing cord, flat sandals will work perfectly.
  • As substitutes for heels – If you’re driving for a long distance and want to eventually want to put on your heels after arriving at the venue, office, or location, then flat sandals might be your best alternative.
  • Dates – For couples who enjoy going for picnics and dates at open restaurants, the lady can never go wrong with flat shoes.
  • Short walks – Whether you’re walking around in the house, to the nearby park, or a regular stroll as you enjoy some ice cream and music, then feel free to put on flat sandals.

Considering the different events mentioned above, you’ll need an extra pair of flat sandals to match the setting. It is essential to be familiar with the different types of these shoes and know which particular environment they will fit in. Some of the various flat sandals include;

Slide Flat Sandals

Slide flat sandals are the most common type of these shoes, and they are worn for different settings as well. One major characteristic about this type of sandals is that they have straps at the front part of the shoes, typically where they will only cover the section between the toes and the ankle. They usually have a thicker single held strap that might come in any design but still maintaining the former concept. Most of these slide flat sandals have a thicker sole to offer support to the whole shoe when worn and for more comfortable movement for the owner. These sandals are ideal for walks and strolls, mostly for informal settings, and match well with trousers.

Flat Sandals with Straps

Flat sandals with straps are the second common type of sandals, and they bring out more of a casual vibe, unlike flat slide sandals. There are multiple designs that you can find around for flat sandals with straps. Some common examples include ones with straps across the foot alone, those with straps on the ankle, others with straps that stretch to the back of your heel, etc.

These multiple designs would fit well with different outfits, but this type of sandals are best worn with fluffy dresses, jumpsuits, or anything casual. You can never go wrong with these sandals as they will be ideal for picnics or a day in the park. It is also important to mention that these straps come in different thicknesses and sizes.

Flat Sandals with Heels

Another unusual type of sandals chosen by the bold people who are willing to try new things out and explore more is flat sandals with heels. Many people go for flat heel sandals women because of comfortability or the change from the typical setting of wearing high shoes all the time, but this is a different approach. Flat sandals with a heel aren't what they seem like; in this case, the heel goes for as long as a centimeter because they have to maintain that they are still flat sandals.

The extra centimeters will work for the group who are already used to wearing heels, and it might seem comfortable if they directly went to flat sandals. It is a good starting point for those trying to transition from heels to flat shoes. These sandals don't significantly differ from flat sandals with straps because they are similar in design. They are mostly won for dates.

What to Look for When Shopping

Once you decide what kind of new fashion flat sandals you want to get, you have to consider a couple of factors while shopping. What you should be looking for include;

  1. Color – The color of flat sandals bought will affect the kind of outfit you will choose since shoes tend to dictate the whole outfit. Go for a color that is flexible with different outfits. Some of the available colors are aqua, black, blue, gold, leopard, multi, red, rose gold, silver, wild rose, and yellow.
  2. Material – Greatly depends on your preference. If you want a durable shoe, then you should go for leather or rubber flat sandals.
  3. Finishes – For finishes, you should check the general knitting of the shoes, especially where the straps are attached to the shoes, to confirm the durability. Some of the finishes include Jelly, PU Leather, Rhinestone, and Studs.
  4. Type of Straps – Depending on your taste, some straps cross the foot, others that cover the ankle, and others that hold the back heel of your foot. Choosing the type of strap should consider your comfortability.
  5. Design – Designs range from the addition of crystals, blending of colors, knots, fluffy soft top material on the sandals, buckles to tie the sandals once the leg fits, etc. Go for a design that talks about you.
  6. Brand – Different shoemakers are recognized for their expertise and quality delivery in every piece that comes out of their workshops.

Don’t keep waiting, there is a pair for everybody. Start shopping!