Plus Size is the New Sexy

For our wider oriented products. Our PLUS SIZE collection will ensure maximum comfort size fit for those looking for a bit more coverage in foot wear.

If you are a plus-size woman, you are certainly beautiful and sexy. But to bring out the real “sexy” in you, it is important that you get the outfits that truly fit. Irrespectful of your body size, as a woman, you’ve got to dress to impress. You must put on the right outfit from your head to the curves, to your toes. However, when you are plus size, getting the materials that perfectly fit may be challenging. For clothes, hats, and lingerie, the scarcity might be minimal. But when shopping for shoes and boots, many plus-size ladies are getting frustrated. Are you in a similar situation?

Are Boots for Plus-Size Ladies Difficult to Find?

The simple answer is yes. If you have gone shopping for boots on different sites, you will discover that a very small fraction of the retailers’ stock is meant for plus-size women. It is no secret that not many online boot stores care so much for plus-size women. But don’t generalize; we do!

Are you Looking for Beautiful Plus Size Boots?

Do you have thick tights and calves? Are you online all day looking for boots that fit you but with no success? Shop no further.
If you are out looking for beautiful plus-size boots and women’s high boots leather, then you are in the right place. At Wilddiva, we care for plus-size women the way we care for women of other body sizes. Therefore we ensure we have boots for all categories of ladies, including those that are specifically designed for ladies of your stature.

Check Out Our Plus Size Boots Collection

Suppose you are looking for boots with more coverage and guarantee absolute comfort; check out our collection of plus-size boots for women. These boots will make you look sexy and bring out the beauty of your legs. They are wide fit, and we’ve got a variety of them. Check out their features and pick the best for your size.

Amaya – 01w Wide Fit Faux Suede Chunky Heel Tight Boot

If you are a lover of trending fashion, you will certainly want to add this knee-high boot to your boots collection. It has a wide fit and chunky heel design. Whether you are size 6 or size 10, we have them for all foot sizes. With their beautiful black color, these are the boots for all occasions. Put on your boots and flaunt your sexy legs.

Oksana – 132W2 Wide Fit Faux Suede Knee High Boots

If you do not like high heels or want a low heel for a change, go for Oksana – 132W2 Wide Fit Faux Suede Knee High Boots. These suede boots have a wide fit and low heel design. They are perfect for all occasions, at any time, and any season. They are certainly among the ways you can showcase your love for fashion. These boots come in two colors. So, you can choose between the black boots and the taupe boots. Both are beautiful and sexy. These boots also come in different sizes from size 6 to size 10. So plus size women have got their right sizes.

Oksana – 320W Wide Fit Knee High Boot

These are another set of excellent boots for all occasions. They have low heels, wide fit, and are knee-high. Anywhere you want to go, these boots will look good on you. We have in stock, different sizes from 6 to 10. Hence, as a plus-size woman, these are a perfect fit for you. They also come in two colors, black and brown, so that you can choose your color preference. You will love the moderate heels in the design and the extreme comfort these wide-fit knee-high boots offer.

Our Policy

You don’t have to panic about anything you bought from us. We are sure that they are the best you can get around. What you see on our website is exactly what you will get. However, if you are not happy with whatever you bought from us, we have a 10-day unconditional return policy. Send them back, and we will return your money in full. Even if you need to fill in the reason for returning the product, we won’t deny you your refund for any reason.

At Wild Diva your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we also have an unconditional exchange policy. You can request to exchange any item you bought from our store with other items of the same value. The exchange will be approved immediately at no cost to you. So if you have purchased a pair of women’s high boots leather or any other product from us, and feel there is a better color you should have chosen, or you would prefer wider calves or higher heels, there is no problem. Don’t hesitate to send them back and indicate the product you want to exchange them with. We will do it without charging you a penny.

Our Pricing

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